Private Label Living is Here To Stay

Mark Wilson, President and CEO of London Bay Homes

Mark Wilson, President and CEO of London Bay Homes

For the past two decades, I have worked to make Private Label Living transcend a tagline, and reflect the spirit of London Bay Homes’ commitment to building the finest luxury homes in Southwest Florida.

At its core, Private Label Living is embodied by our singular commitment to the highest possible level of personal service. At London Bay Homes, service goes far beyond smiling faces and cheerful attitudes. We strive to anticipate every client’s needs, wants, and desires—often before the clients themselves even realize them. We lead each client through a refined design and construction process, created exclusively to deliver complete satisfaction every step of the way. By adhering to this process, we are able to truly enhance our clients’ lives, fulfill their aspirations, and produce the unwavering trust we are known for.

While perfecting architectural plans, employing the most skilled craftsmen, and ensuring every single homeowner is happy remains paramount to our organization, I also believe it is our duty to carefully manage the company’s ongoing viability and growth. As we look forward to next year and beyond, I am pleased to report London Bay Homes will continue its longstanding tradition of excellence, service, and financially sound planning.

What it Means to our Homeowners

The Legacy of London Bay Homes is Still Being Written

The story of London Bay Homes is ongoing. We will continue to apply our expertise, market savvy, and unparalleled design to deliver luxury homes that set a new standard in Southwest Florida—and far beyond.

We invite you to become part of our legacy

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Photo ©Logan Newell, Courtesy of Naples Daily News
Photo ©Logan Newell, Courtesy of Naples Daily News

We invite you to learn firsthand about London Bay’s leader Mark Wilson: what brought him to Southwest Florida 25 years ago – what motivates him to grow the company’s footprint – and why giving back to his employees and the community are top of mind.

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