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Interior Design Trends and Styles of 2022

by Arelys Alexander

Great interior design turns a house into a home. It creates a cohesive, inviting space that fits your style. Interior design trends continuously evolve with new fabric, styles, and patterns emerging. Read below to learn what is trending in 2022 and how you can incorporate the trends to cultivate up-to-date spaces.

Pattern-Heavy Elements

This ranges from wallpapers to window treatments that you can use to introduce small and large-scale patterns. Incorperating a pattern can be intimidating, however, there are several methods to add more patterns to your room without blanketing your walls from floor to ceiling. Patterned fabrics, rugs, and art come to mind. To keep your room design consistent, yet fascinating, consider playing with a uniform color scheme and pops of pattern.

Color Palettes and Rich Materials

In 2022, there are even more natural materials and color schemes being used for interior design, ranging from terracotta to earthly green shades to warmer natural materials. People are using more subdued natural hues, including leafy greens, bark browns, ocean and sky blues, sandy badges, foggy white, and other earth tones for interior decoration.

These natural tones are soothing and appealing as they entice you to lie down, and relax after a long and tiresome day. Although many people affiliate these rich colors with with the autumn and winter months, they are beautiful year-round.

Nature-Inspired Surfaces and Objects

Natural surfaces such as terracotta, ceramic, travertine, and marble, are now being employed in everything from backsplashes to bathtubs, furnishings, and décor. The elements' uncooked, porous forms add depth, spirit, and aesthetic fascination, all while emulating the peaceful, rejuvenating aura of nature. 

Curved Furniture Silhouettes

Furniture with curved edges and feminine patterns are rising in popularity. These curves are both intreging and nostalgic, giving a space interest while also making it feel cozier. Statement pieces such as curved furniture are a great way to add vivid colors to a room because they lend themselves to bold palettes.

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