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Custom Home Design Resources to Inspire You

by Arelys Alexander

Do you like Mediterranean or West Indies? Spanish or Contemporary? If the answer to this question boggles your mind, it may be a little difficult to explain your desired style to a home builder or even narrow down the type of home you are seeking. Truth is, you’ll know what you like the moment you see it and doing a bit of research before you go house-hunting will make all of the difference when you start the journey to your new home.

But where should you start? We’ve come up with a list of design resources that will not only get you started, but allow you to find the perfect style for you.

Digital Methods for Inspiration

Custom Home Design Resources: Digital


Living in Southwest Florida, we all have reason to post our beautiful sunsets and white sandy beaches on our very addicting Facebook accounts, but many companies have caught on to the fact that this social media star can also be used to boast of the many things offered in their industry. If you’ve “liked” a company’s page in the past, you’ll see that mixed in with the latest viral video of a sassy kitten or screaming goat, you’ll also see business posts that let you in on the latest incentives or products. London Bay Homes uses their Facebook account as another outlet for their award-winning designs and to release details on any incentives we may have.


The purpose of Houzz is to establish a “new way to design your home.” Think of it as the Facebook for homes with large, beautiful pictures of every inch of a house and every design imaginable. Not only will you find design inspirations at every click of the mouse, you will also be able to view the interior design company, home builder, and other professionals that created the design. View London Bay Homes’ Houzz account for your design inspiration.


Oh, Pinterest, how many hours I waste looking through hilarious memes, picking out clothes for my imaginary closet, and pinning so many yummy recipes that I would have to cook five meals every day for the rest of my life to even come close to cooking them all. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a lot of fun, but Pinterest can also serve as a wonderful tool to design your custom home. Create a board for your ideal home and start pinning your way to your version of a dream home.

Hint: You can get started by checking out some pinned model homes by London Bay Homes.

Home Builder Websites

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already discovered the London Bay Homes website through this blog, but have you had a chance to take a look around to see the many designs offered? Most home builders, if not all, will put images of their homes to inspire you. You can take a look of London Bay’s home designs by visiting the Our Homes page or the Available Homes page to see the Move-In Ready options. Just save the URL for your favorite images and you can easily lead your Sales Executive to the type of home you love.

Traditional Methods for Inspiration

Design Ideas in Naples and Sarasota, FL


Magazines have always been a great source of inspiration for anything design-related. Publications like Gulfshore Life and Naples Illustrated are great options in Naples, FL, while SRQ Magazine and Sarasota Magazine are wonderful options for Sarasota, FL. Home & Design and Florida Design will benefit all of Southwest Florida in their design inspirations. Choose your favorite magazine and start clipping your favorite images to take to your chosen home builder.

Parade of Homes

The first quarter of every year is prime time Parade of Homes season and that gives all potential homeowners the chance to see the very best offered by luxury home builders and the communities in which they build.  Depending on the county in which you live, parades typically run in late February to late March, and you can always find award-worthy homes to tour.  The Collier Building Industry Association and the Manatee-Sarasota Building Industry Association are just a couple of examples of events geared towards mass model-home viewing.

Open Houses

For those that would prefer a more private form of touring model homes, London Bay Homes partners with award-winning communities with models available for viewing seven days a week. London Bay Homes Sales Executives are also available every day of the week for you to tour their model homes on select home sites throughout Naples and Sarasota that are not located in gated communities. With the Sales Executive on-site, you’ll be able to ask any and all questions you have on the home.

Once you have found your ideal luxury custom home design, just contact London Bay Homes to schedule an appointment and begin your home building journey. With more than 30 years of luxury home building experience and a signature Private Label Living process, we’ll bring your dream home from clippings and websites to real life.


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