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Top Features of Luxury Custom Homes

by Arelys Alexander

For more than 30 years, London Bay Homes has been designing and building many of Southwest Florida’s finest luxury custom homes with the desire to bring out the luxurious details and exquisite design that would set these homes apart from all of the others. Throughout the years, we have gained insight on what our buyers want and need in their homes to not only highlight their distinct tastes and personalities, but to also provide a home that is practical and efficient in their luxury living lifestyle. Whether it’s a luxury villa home or a single-family estate home, here are the top features of our luxury custom homes throughout the Southwest Florida area (in no particular order):

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A Well-Equipped Kitchen5_700 Admiralty Parade_Kitchen-1

These days, the time constraints of busy lives get the whole family into the kitchen multiple times a day. Gathering in this central point of the home allows us to talk about our days or have in-depth conversations about—well let’s face it—anything, all while nourishing our family.

When you’re cooking up a scrumptious meal or just baking cookies for the grandkids, you’ll want to make sure you can make the most of that time and our homeowners want a well-equipped kitchen laden with commercial-grade appliances, kitchen islands, and coveted seating right in the middle of everything to do so.

Outdoor Living Area With All the Extras

Avignon_QW_Lot14_Rear EL

Cooking and lounging aren’t just for the inside of a home and our homeowners have proven that time and time again with an expansive outdoor living area complete with an outdoor kitchen, custom pool and spa, and seating for all of their guests when it comes time to entertain.

After all, we live in Southwest Florida and it would be a shame to waste the beautiful weather we have almost year-round by staying indoors. We have found that most of the homeowners building with London Bay Homes opt for an outdoor kitchen with a top-of-the-line grill, refrigerator, and sink to make outdoor cooking feel as luxurious as when they are inside and choose an outdoor living room or seating area with a fireplace to offer a casual place to relax when guests aren’t lounging in the custom pool.

Other popular and fine options for an outdoor living space are water features. From waterfalls in the pool or courtyard to fountains strategically-placed to visually enhance the space, water features are a popular way to add a sense of tranquility to your outdoor living area. 

Additional Rooms

Game rooms and theater rooms aren’t new concepts but they are still holding strong on the list of must-haves for luxury homeowners simply because the homeowner never has to leave their home to have a good time.

We are also discovering that our homeowners love to have a space suited for children or grandchildren so that they have a place to relax and have some fun during their visit. Another great additional room? A wine room for those long days when all you want is to have a glass of wine and a soak in your spa bath (we’ll get to that one later).

Lavish Study/Home Office

Unfortunately, you didn’t get to your luxury home by playing all day, but luxury doesn’t have to stop at the door of your home office. Our homeowners are seeking a lavish place to work, where they can get all of their loose ends tied up and maybe even have a drink at the wet bar before calling it a night.

Master Suite


Most of our homeowners love to sit down with our team of architects and designers to lay out every aspect of their new home, but a lot of them leave their Master Suite for last and then realize how important their little slice of heaven is. Once the design gets going, the ideas start flying and there are many ways they can incorporate their personalities into their master bedroom to create a cozy retreat built into their home.

Of course, a room large enough to fit a king-sized comfortable bed is key for a good night’s sleep, but one popular trend is to provide access to the outdoor living space or even a small courtyard from the master bedroom.

Spa Bathroom

Carmela_MED_CAM1_Masterbath3-3You’ve traveled the world and have seen many things, including some of the most opulent spas and luxurious bathrooms. Combine your love for such experiences with the relaxation they are sure to bring and you have another top feature of luxury homes in Southwest Florida.

Homeowners looking to replicate the look and feel of a spa usually end up with a walk-in shower, heated floors, huge soaker tubs, dual vanities, and many other items that make for a soothing atmosphere.

Large Walk-In Closets

A_700 Admiralty Parade_Master Closet Hers-1

Bags, shoes, accessories, oh my! A woman’s—and sometimes a man’s—collection of fashion and accessory items are just as important as anything else in their home and our clients are requesting large walk-in closets to make sure their wardrobes are given a space vast enough to have everything organized and on display. 

Making Your House a Unique HomeJuve Residence_Rear Pool Dusk2

The most important part of your house is the time and effort it takes to make it a home. Your home is your safe haven and it should reflect your personality and lifestyle to make it as comfortable as possible. We have found that our clients love this process and come to our designers with as many ideas as they can possibly find to show the different colors, styles, pieces, textures, and everything else they love and can find in clippings or websites.

London Bay Homes’ Selection Studio is here to ensure that our clients’ personalities are displayed proudly in their luxury custom home design and welcome the opportunity to work with them to make it happen.

L_700 Admiralty Parade_Pool View

Location and Views

So far we’ve talked about everything our homeowners have wanted in the home design and architecture of their new houses, but we have not spoken about the one thing our homeowners want that cannot be found inside of their new home: its location.

The first thing our clients do when looking for a new home is research the different areas and communities in which they want to live. Finding the right community is vital in maximizing your satisfaction and at London Bay Homes, we build relationships with some of the best award-winning communities in Southwest Florida to ensure our clients find a community that will fit their lifestyle with views that will create a picturesque backdrop to their beautiful new abode.

If you’re ready to get started in finding your dream home, contact us to get the five-star treatment from a luxury custom home builder with 30 years of experience.

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