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Experience the Top Three Things To Do in Naples, Florida

by Arelys Alexander

Naples is widely regarded as America's most idyllic tropical setting, and it can truly leave you speechless. Naturally, you might wonder what the top things to do in Naples are, where the cultural and natural amenities are as deeply stirring as the soothing Gulf Coast waters.


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To get you started, here's a list of tried and true ideas. Enjoy one or all of these at your leisure—but above all, let your inner sense of bliss be your guide.

Find Your Own Veritable Private Beach

Though all of Naples' beaches are truly remarkable if you're looking to live in luxury both at home and away, set aside some quality time to find the most beautiful and secluded beach. 

Take Clam Pass Park for example. Further away from the Naples Grand Beach Resort, adjacent to a small portion of the greater Collier County Park, you'll find sugary-white sand to merrily sink your toes in. During low tide, make your way to Clam Pass itself, and enjoy a thrilling experience standing in the middle of the shallowest pass of the entire Gulf Coast.

Those seeking a truly unforgettable experience may prefer Collier-Seminole State Park. Featuring over 7,000 acres of undisturbed mangrove forests. The Blackwater River network will lead serious kayakers to Ten Thousand Islands, for myriad sights to behold, and some of the most beautiful camping in Naples.

Enjoy the Richest Seafood Delicacies

Naples is home to some of the most exceptional waterfront dining establishments in Florida. Not only are patrons treated to the freshest Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic catches, but many of the restaurants in Naples are also renowned for their imported seafood and artfully crafted wine lists.

Being such a magnetic luxury community, Naples' deluxe dining amenities are matched by equally impeccable service, with wait staff as attentive as they are passionate about fine cuisine.

Naples' restaurant scene has a particularly international flair, featuring a deeply satisfying mix of Cuban, European, South American, Vietnamese, and Southern-inspired dishes that are sure to whet your appetite upon sight. You'll always find something new to try, and deluxe dining is one of the top things to do in Naples any time of the year.

Explore and Compare the Local Golf Clubs

They don't call Naples the Golf Capital of the World for nothing. With just under 100 18-hole courses (over two-thirds of which are private), it's no wonder Naples has achieved iconic status in the local golf scene—which is all the more impressive, with Florida's already high standards as an unparalleled golfing destination.

You won't even need to know how to play to get in on the action. With its prestigious, top-rated courses, Naples attracts some of the most high-profile professional golfing events, including:

  • Greg Norman's Franklin Templeton Shootout
  • The ACE Group Classic
  • The CME Group Titleholders

Of course, it's never too late to learn, and Naples' world-class golfing instructors are always eager to share their passion for the sport and soften the learning curve for those seeking to learn.

You should also consider golfing as a way of expanding your social world in Naples. Many of its golf resorts are all-around country clubs, with poolside luxuries, spa services, social event spaces, and outdoor gathering areas the whole family can enjoy in style.

Deciding on the best things to do in Naples may be innately subjective—but we think you'll agree that its natural and cultural amenities are just as majestic as its unparalleled real estate. If you're interested in finding the perfect luxury home in Naples, contact us today.

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