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    Purchasing a Luxury House vs. Custom Building Your Dream Home

    by Gina Watters

    Deciding to become a homeowner is one of the biggest steps that you will take in your life. It signifies a rite of passage, a brand new responsibility along with the thrill of owning a space that is completely yours. One of the important questions that you need to ask yourself, especially when investing in a luxury home, is whether you want to buy a ready-to-move-in house or custom-build your dream home. 

    There are a few factors that influence this decision:

    1. Budget

    The amount that you are willing to pay for your home is the single most important deciding factor for most people. 

    For a ready-to-move-in home, you already have a price given to you and at the face of it, this might seem to be a better option. If you like the house as-is, this is fine. But, however, you must remember that, if you don’t like certain parts, you will have to spend a considerable amount on modifications and renovations once you move. This can often lead to the expenses going over what you had initially planned for.

    On the other hand, for a custom-built luxury home, you will have full control over every step and can budget accordingly without paying for features that you don’t want or have to replace. Your money is spent more efficiently when building a home that perfectly fits your wants and needs.

    There’s a stigma with custom homes that everything is more expensive, but that simply isn’t the case and building your own home means you control your budget and what’s built.

    If you are working with a strict budget, then custom-building is definitely the way to go.


    2. Flexibility

    Most people like to have options when buying something as important as their home. 

    With existing homes, it is often difficult to find a house suitable for your needs within your budget. Thus, you may find a house that checks a couple of boxes on your list but fails to meet other requirements. 

    As a result, while buying an existing luxury home, you must have patience until you find the preferred house or you end up settling for less than you want.

    In the case of custom build luxury houses, this is not much of an issue. Since you are going to build your home from the beginning, you can always have the flexibility of choosing things your way. This is perhaps one of the biggest advantages of building your own home.


    3. Location

    Needless to say, the location of your house is an important feature. When custom building your home, chances are high that you will start with selecting and buying the homesite of your choice in the right city and neighborhood. 

    You will always get to choose your preferred location on a wide scale, such as your city, when buying a pre-built home, but there’s no way to guarantee you get the right house in the right neighborhood or right part of town. Oftentimes, you end up settling on one of those two things; either buying the right house in the wrong neighborhood or vice versa. 

    However, with custom-built luxury homes, you choose everything. You won’t have to settle on a homesite in order to get your dream home. You choose the perfect site and you build your perfect home. 


    4. Customizations

    All of us want our homes to reflect our personal styles and have features that are suited to our needs. Unless you are fortunate enough to find a ready-to-move-in home with your exact aesthetic style, it always pays off to opt for a custom-built home. 

    Building your custom luxury home means you guarantee that your home’s style fits yours.


    Build Your Dream Luxury Home

    With the freedom to customize and perfect your home’s features, aesthetic, location, and budget, building your own comes with plenty of advantages over buying a pre-built house. 

    If you are looking to build your custom luxury home in Southwest Florida, then London Bay Homes is here to help you. Contact us today to learn more about our services and offerings and how we can assist you with your home building requirements.

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