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The Next Level of Luxury: Custom Home Automation Options for Your Home

by Arelys Alexander

The Internet of things isn’t just a catchy phrase to describe how technology is being integrated into our everyday lives; it’s the term to describe the ongoing mission to collect and interpret data to create more efficient, accurate, and cost-effective strategies to make our lives more convenient.  An easy example of this term is the smart phone or tablet you are probably using to read this article, but it goes well beyond your handheld device to include the many technological tools you can install in your home.

So what is custom home automation?  It is all of our devices and appliances sending data over our Wi-Fi network so we can control all aspects of our home either through a wall-mounted user interface, a mobile phone app, a tablet, or a website.  It may sound complex, but smart home technology was actually created to make our lives easier, like having a thermostat that knows you want the temperature in your home to be a little warmer when you’re at work and a little cooler when you come home, or a doorbell that allows you to see and speak to someone at your door even when you are not home.  To better understand smart home technology and the various ways to can benefit the way you live in your custom home, we’ve put together a list of its most common variations.  


Already snuggled up on the couch, popcorn in hand, to watch your favorite movie?  You don’t have to get up to turn off the lights, with smart lighting you can use a remote or an app on your phone to dim the lights or turn them off completely.  Smart lighting will also allow you to set timers for any of the lights in your home, or just turn them on or off at your command using an app on your phone, to make it seem as if you are home when you are not.

Heating and Cooling

Remember that temperature example used earlier?  Smart thermostats can save you money by learning from your behaviors and allowing you to control the temperature of your home from your smart phone device.  They also show your energy consumption in real-time and can adjust themselves to control things like the humidity in your home.  Florida summers are hot, hot, hot but you don’t want to increase your cooling costs by keeping your home extra cool when you are not home.  Instead, use the smart phone app to adjust the temperature before you arrive so your home is comfortably cool.  The smart thermostat even tells you how much time it will take for you home to reach the desired temperature.


One of the most important aspects of home automation is increased security.  Smart home security allows you to keep surveillance of your home through the internet, which means you can view the camera feeds of your security system through a protected website. If you are lucky enough to enjoy summers in the north and winters in the south, then you can utilize this technology to keep watch over your home during your extended absence.  If you are a full-time resident, then this system is still extremely useful.  A smart home security system goes beyond door, window, and motion sensors to include being able to monitor door locks, garage door openers, lights, smoke/CO detectors, water sensors, and much more, all through a website or smart phone app.

Home Appliances and Devices

Smart home automation allows you to communicate with your custom home in ways that were impossible before.  The days when you called your significant other from the grocery store because you couldn’t remember if you needed to buy milk or not are gone.  Smart refrigerators can now take a picture of their contents and send it to your smart phone so you can literally see what’s in there.  Some smart appliances can even take inventory and let you know what products are about to expire in your pantry.  Smart microwaves can figure out how long it takes to cook a certain food and a smart vacuum can be activated from your smart phone so you can come home to a clean house.  Other systems are smaller, but high convenient, like the Amazon Echo with its voice activated Alexa.  This system is a hands-free device that can play music, control other smart home devices, read the news, set your alarms, play music, and even order items from Amazon.

These are just some of the custom home automation options you can have in your home to increase your level of convenience and control.  Contact London Bay Homes if you are in the market for an award winning home in Naples, Florida with the latest in home automation or if you are interested in a full home renovation by for your existing home.

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