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What are the Benefits of Home Automation?

by Arelys Alexander

You may have heard a fair bit about home automation, smart homes, and the internet of things. Is home automation something you should be looking into? Home automation has a number of very real benefits, especially in Florida's climate. 

Home Automation and Air Conditioning

Anyone who has so much as visited Florida knows what summer is like. Air conditioning is all but a matter of survival.

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Smart AC controllers can make a huge difference. These allow you to set the air conditioning to change temperature at certain times, adjust the thermostat using your phone, and optimize your heating and cooling to save energy. Smart air conditioning is good for the environment as well as helping ensure your comfort.

For example, if nobody is home, you can adjust the AC upwards to save energy, without turning it off altogether (which ends up using more). You can even get one which learns your habits and adjusts the temperature accordingly.

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Other Advantages of Home Automation

Better cooling and climate control is probably the biggest benefit of home automation in Florida, but here are a few more you can think about:

  1. Systems can learn your habits and make you feel as if you had servants at your beck and call. Imagine a coffee maker that hears you start to get up and by the time you are out of bed, it has your morning brew ready. Your fridge notices that you are low on milk, knows how much you drink, and automatically orders more (or adds it to the shopping list, if you prefer).
  2. Home automation eliminates small hassles. The lights turn off automatically when you go to bed. Or when you turn on the TV certain lights dim to "home theater" mode. A camera recognizes your car pulling into the driveway and turns off the alarm. You can turn stuff on and off from bed, without having to get up. Maybe you want your lights to slowly turn on at sunset.
  3. You can keep an eye on everything (and everyone). If you have pets, your home can keep an eye on them when you are at home and you can spot behavior issues before they become destructive. You can keep an eye on your young kids, your elderly relatives and, of course, your stuff.
  4. You can install a smart security system. If you are the kind of person who gets anxious when away from home, you can use your phone to control and view security cameras. Motion detectors can tell you if there is anyone causing trouble in or around your home, and unlike older systems, can tell the difference between a potential burglar and a stray deer. Video doorbells allow you to ignore solicitors while rushing to greet people you do want to see. Or texting them to let them know you aren't home. From Aruba.

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