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What is Luxury in Today’s Real Estate Market

by Arelys Alexander

As the real estate market continues its steady path, the demand for luxury homes is rising. While the demand was previously limited to a specific target market, more and more buyers are looking to get second homes or luxury real estate where they can spend their leisure time without any worries.

Interestingly, the idea of what counts as luxury differs from place to place. In a study conducted by Christie’s International Real Estate, what buyers were searching for in luxury homes, translated into completely different things for different real estate markets. For example:

  • In Houston, Texas, the idea of luxury homes was rooted in smart homes. Houses that have one-touch automation features and amenities that offer remote access to them are being popularly sought out by buyers.
  • In Atlanta, Georgia, having a luxury home meant prioritizing security and privacy. Homes that are tech-secured, smaller in size, and require minor upkeep are being favored over sprawling estates.
  • In Cincinnati, Ohio, townhomes are the new luxury homes. Townhomes that offer rooftop terraces, have large floor to ceiling windows, and offer unobstructed views of the skyline are being actively sought out. 

In the same study, Sarasota, Florida ranked No.3 among the list of Top 5 Hottest Markets for Second Homes. So this does raise the question as to what is counted as luxury in Southwest Florida. The answer isn’t really simple. 

In fact, it is multi-layered because people aren’t looking at just one thing when they are searching for the perfect luxury home or condo. The following are some of the features that are being sought after by buyers when they are looking for luxury homes:

Access to the Beach


Southwest Florida’s beaches are award-winning and renowned for their beautiful sand and water. For many, moving to Southwest Florida is rooted in moving closer to the coast. This is why luxury waterfront condos and luxury custom homes are being sought after more.

Smart Tech 

With convenience being a major factor, many buyers are leaning towards smart tech usage in homes. From the thermostat fixture to the lighting system, the sound system as well as security, a fully automated home is a luxury that many buyers are looking for.

Green Features

Green features, such as water saving flushing systems, solar powered thermostats, solar panels, solar powered outdoor lights, and more are favored by buyers in Southwest Florida. The sunny climate here allows proper utilization of these green amenities and buyers do look for these features as they cut down on energy bills.

Decadent Décor

Custom luxury home design features bring out the best in Southwest Florida real estate.

In terms of décor, the interior and exterior of a home play a huge role. The curb appeal of luxury homes makes a larger impact on the buying decision. Inside the home, buyers are embracing décor that combines decadence with a modern touch. Bright and colorful themes are appreciated with large windows and open spaces. Vivid colors and paints are favored as well as the incorporation of indoor plants. Wrap around terraces and outdoor living spaces with a wall of plants or a green plant screen are being favored for privacy and are a great way to complement the beauty of Florida’s outdoors.

Spa Bathrooms

Bathrooms with large windows that let in natural light, as well as an open space, are being favored. Features such as walk-in showers, sunken bathtubs, skylights, and mood lighting are being sought out in luxury bathrooms. Additionally, smart tech in the bathroom is also being favored in the form of innovative glass that turns opaque at the touch of a button or when it comes in contact with water. Bathroom amenities are also expected to be smooth and sleek, as well as reflective. Textured walls, flooring, and counter tops that have a natural rock finish are also favored for their spa-like appearance.

Spacious Closets

Big closet spaces are always a requirement, but buyers of luxury homes and luxury condos are going a step further by requiring separate walk-in closets for him and her. Moreover, these closets are expected to have an island inside for accessories, wall stands for shoes, racks for hats and purses, and even a separate dressing area, which is also known as a staging area. This area is expected to have perfect lighting and large mirrors. 

Infinity Edge Pools

While close proximity to the beach is a necessity, many buyers are willing to overlook this factor if they can get a luxury pool with infinity edges that line up with the skyline. Heating of the pool, outdoor spa tubs, an  in-pool waterfall, and a pool bar are also features that are coveted for the Florida lifestyle. Another luxury addition that is sought is a connecting pool which starts indoors and connects with the outdoor pool. Again, automation of pool facilities is also being sought after with single tap lighting and heating and cleaning options topping the list. 

London Bay Homes, luxury custom home builders in Southwest Florida, can offer all of these luxury features and much more throughout the area.  For nearly 30 years, we have been designing and building some of the finest homes in Southwest Florida with our signature Private Label Living process.  Download our brochure to learn more about our luxury custom home process.

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