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Why So Many Luxury Homes are Being Built in Southwest Florida

by Arelys Alexander

Southwest Florida is prominent due to its tropical climate, wildlife, plenty of sunshine, and a diverse ecosystem with estuaries, sanctuaries, and preserves. These characteristics have made it a hotspot for Florida luxury homes which attract both young families and retirees as well. These homes have been constructed with high-end materials and designs such as lush landscaping, high-impact windows, concrete roofs, upgraded stucco, and automatic irrigation, to name a few.

Read on to discover more about the luxurious areas in Southwest Florida and the factors attributing to a spike in the construction of high-end homes in the state. You can also check out London Bay Homes to get the best homes and designs with unparalleled quality in Southwest Florida.


Reasons for Increase in Luxury Homes in Southwest Florida

There has been an exponential demand for upscale homes in Southwest Florida in recent years. According to The Wall Street Journal, luxury homes in the area have led to the rise of the housing market index in the state. Below are some of the main reasons for the intense demand for high-end homes in Southwest Florida:


It's no secret that Southwest Florida is one of the most prime locations in the country and possibly the world. The state accommodates buyers with different requirements favored by prestigious cities such as Sarasota, Naples, and Marco Island, among others. In addition, the state is home to an array of tourist destinations, custom homes, and exciting sports. The location also supports endless shores, a casual coastal lifestyle, and vibrant neighborhoods.

why luxury homes are being built in Southwest Florida

Not only does the state have coastal beaches but also miles of canals and protected state parks. All of this provides a uniquely serene environment that suits the construction of luxurious homes. Residents are also assured of high-end shopping and dining spots.


Southwest Florida has the best weather conditions in the country, which includes mild, dry winters and hot, wet summers. That's why there is a rise in luxury homes in the state, as you will wake up to fine mornings almost every single day. For instance, Naples has a temperature range of between 54-to-91-degree Fahrenheit. Additionally, Southwest Florida has 271 sunny days annually, which beats the country's average of 205 days. 

Good for Investment

The real estate business has been booming in recent years. This has been influenced by the high demand and desire of people who yearn for luxurious lifestyles. In fact, reports indicate that the state has topped in terms of demand for real estate markets.

Investment property prices have been rising, and projections indicate that the prices will even rise higher. Another aspect that makes it good for investment is that the demand is more than the supply of homes in the area.

So many homes are being built in Southwest Florida

Restricted Communities

It is with no doubt that luxurious homes come along with privacy. Southwest Florida has proven to be an ideal place that matches the privacy expected in luxurious homes due to deed-restricted communities. This is because most buildings and properties have been designed under planned developments.

In this regard, anyone who resides in these areas must be incorporated into the homeowner's association. This requires residents to conform to the implemented rules and regulations such as the number of guests, renting a second home, and pet-keeping, among others.

restricted communities in Southwest Florida

Luxury homes in Southwest Florida have become a top-tier aspiration for most people around the United States and the world. This is because they offer quality designs. In a prime location, with impeccable weather and a proven investment market.

London Bay Homes has been on the frontline in building the region's most exclusive homes. We are an award-winning home-builder and have served Southwest Florida residents for more than three decades. Contact us today and experience luxury residences with high-quality designs and finishes within Southwest Florida.

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