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Top Luxury Kitchen Trends in 2015

by Bokka Admin

Gone are the days when a kitchen was used solely for prepping and cooking meals. In today’s world, kitchens have transcended to a gathering place where families reconvene from a long day to seek comfort and maybe sneak a bite or two before dinner. It’s also the perfect place for entertaining guests due to its close proximity to the main living area and (more so) the coveted wine stash. So, sit back, grab a glass of wine, and let’s talk the latest industry trends that will make you love your kitchen.

Clean, Contemporary Styles

As with many other rooms in the house, kitchens are now moving towards cleaner lines and simple designs, moving away from the rustic, country, and Tuscan styles that were previously trending. National Kitchen and Bath Association’s (NKBA) immediate past president, John Petrie, says he’s also seeing a rise of industrial chic and mid-century modern. “Though it’s a small part of the overall market, there’s a definite rise. And mixed colors and mixed styles are playing a role we didn’t see just a year ago.” Gray is also proving to be a popular color choice for not only the kitchen, but for the entire home.


Luxury Home Trends: Islands

You don’t have to trade in your Napa Cab for an umbrella-adorned pineapple: We’re talking kitchen islands. Islands have become a staple in many kitchens, becoming the anchor of the room and providing an informal place for eating snacks, doing homework, or just lounging around while the pot is simmering. Islands also serve up a great way for additional storage and counter space away from the main prepping area and allow for more seating, a much-needed benefit when you’re playing host to a large group.

Farmhouse Sinks

Wait, didn’t we just say that rustic and country styles were moving out the door? Why yes, yes we did, but today’s farmhouse sinks (also called apron sinks) have gone beyond the cottage-style designs into a clean and contemporary look that have given rise to their inclusion in modern-day kitchens. These sinks are larger than your average sink and allow you to wash your dishes while reaching and leaning less than in a traditional sink.

Stainless Steel Appliances

Luxury Kitchen Trends: Stainless Steel

Get that farmhouse sink in stainless steel and add other stainless steel appliances, and your kitchen will be surely be trending. Stainless steel seems to continually pop up on industry trend charts due to the fact that they have a long life span, are easy to clean, do not harbor germs, and are just all-around pretty to look at. This trend seems to speak for itself.

Custom Cabinets and Counter Tops

Your luxury custom home will inevitably come with custom measurements to make it ideal for your wants and needs. While pre-fabricated cabinets are the cost-effective choice, custom cabinets will allow you to take full advantage of every inch of space in your kitchen and can be adjusted to suit your needs. For example, ideal storage is easy when you can custom design a cabinet to include three drawers instead of two or when you can utilize a small space to fit in a spice rack. Custom counter tops are also rising due to the continued use of granite and other luxury materials, as well as the ease of which these materials can be custom-cut to fit your kitchen’s space.

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