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Fixer-upper vs. Custom Built Home- Which One To Choose?

by Arelys Alexander

One important dilemma that homebuyers often face is whether to opt for a fixer-upper and perform a renovation or custom-build their dream home. Both have their pros and cons and it’s important that you do your research and learn all the differences and benefits that both offer.


1. The Cost Difference

Most fixer-uppers usually come at a lower price because these houses are in need of a considerable amount of work. The whole point of a fixer-upper is that the market price of the finished house is higher than the initial cost. However, one pertinent thing to keep in mind is that the costs of various renovations and upgrades can add up quickly. You may end up spending way more than you initially planned in this case or having to choose between projects, leaving you to settle on parts of your home.

When building a custom-built home, the price may be higher but you’re able to decide on each aspect of the home to make sure it’s all exactly what you desire at the time of move-in. 

When you do move in, you know that the house has been inspected and ensured to be in perfect condition. No need to worry about anything except relaxing in your new home.


2. Availability of Time

Making a fixer-upper ready for your family takes time. Many changes and renovations need to be made before you can move in which take a long time. Hence, you will need to factor in your availability of time to complete the home renovation.

On the other hand, for a custom-built home, there is no need to set aside extra time for renovations once you move in. All that needs to be done is finished before you start living in the house. This not only saves you time but also reduces unforeseen hassles.


3. Design Customizations

Both fixer-uppers and custom-built homes allow you to incorporate your personal touches as design customizations. However, in a fixer-upper home, you will need to work around the already built-in details. Moreover, completely redoing features like piping or tearing down certain walls can be tricky and sometimes impossible as that might hamper the integrity of the structure.

Custom-built homes offer more design freedom when compared to fixer-uppers.


4. Security And Maintenance Details

Security of homes and their subsequent overall maintenance costs and schedules are important deciding factors.

Since fixer-uppers are usually older homes that need lots of repairs and refurbishments, they do not come with a robust security system in most cases. Additionally, the maintenance costs can run a bit on the higher side for these houses as you’ll most likely have to replace important appliances. 

Custom-built homes come with the latest security systems of your preference already installed. Moreover, since they are newly constructed, they tend to have lower maintenance costs and some luxury custom home communities even offer a maintenance-free lifestyle.


5. Personalization Of Installations

While all appliances and installations like light or bathroom fixtures can be personalized in both kinds of homes; for a fixer-upper that might mean taking out something completely functional in favor of a preferred installation. This can be counter-intuitive and costly, especially if the replaced device was in perfect working condition. 

As a result, you might choose to leave these things as is, even if they do not exactly fit your taste.

For a custom-built home, installations and appliances can be personalized from the start and you can have things that perfectly fit in with your decor and requirements.


Build Your Dream Custom Luxury Home

Once you thoroughly consider all the above factors with regard to opting for a custom-built home or a fixer-upper, in most cases you will find that a custom-made home is a better choice. You get to turn your dream home design into reality and create the perfect abode for yourself and your family. Additionally, you can avoid the hassles of remodeling and fixing things when you choose to custom build.

If you are looking to build your custom luxury home in Southwest Florida, specifically in Naples or Sarasota, then London Bay Homes is here to help you. Contact us today to learn more about our services and offerings and how we can assist you with your home building requirements.




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