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Top Interior Home Design Trends to Fall For

by Gina Watters

Fall is just around the corner and if you’re looking to spruce up your luxury custom home with pumpkins, apples, and the dark reds and burnt oranges associated with them, first take a look at what the professionals at Romanza Interior Design have to say about the hottest fall home trends for 2015. We’ll give you a hint: Those dark colors are out. Fall 2015 is all about neutrals with a color twist, textures, sophisticated collectibles, and distinct design. Grab a pumpkin spice latte and check out each of the fall home trends that are either just sprouting or coming back for another run.

Highlight Neutrals with a Pop of Color

Luxury Home Design: The Capriano uses neutrals with a pop of color.

Instead of using dark colors in your luxury custom home’s design, Romanza design staff is opting to go back to the basics with whites, tans, and other lighter neutrals to create a calming base for an interchangeable design. With ivory-painted walls and a beautiful tan-upholstered sofa, homeowners are able to add pops of color throughout the space with candles, throw pillows, and even some artwork to liven up the room. The living room of our Capriano model in Mediterra illustrates this technique with ivory paint and furniture, a shiny silver finished cocktail table, and an antique-silver finished chandelier brightened with the use of periwinkle and green in throw pillows, blankets, and accessories.

Add an Extra Level of Luxury with Golds

The Brighton's interior design highlights golds and neutrals.

One look at our Brighton model in Quail West and you’ll see why utilizing golds in your interior design will elevate your space. Vibrant gold tones create a luxurious fall look that can still be accessorized with those seasonal pumpkins we love so much, but can eliminate the outdated and muted tones of orange and red typically associated with the fall season. What’s more, this design can easily morph into a gorgeous winter look by eliminating the pumpkins and adding beautiful candles and warm, cozy blankets.

Use Texture and Pattern to Add Depth

The Bettina shows off its texture and shape design trend.

The summer is all about bright colors and light, airy fabric to combat the heat, but once fall sets in, you’ll want to back off the vivid hues and turn your attention to textures and patterns to dress up your home’s look. A neutral palette can be brightened up with bold patterns on throw pillows, rugs, or paintings for a great fall design; however you don’t have to limit the patterns and textures to the accessories. In Mediterra’s Bettina model, depth is added to the living room with a textured wall behind an entertainment center complete with wicker baskets to deepen the textural elements.

Let Your Collection Shine

The Delfina by London Bay Homes, a Southwest Florida luxury home builder.

You’ve been handed down some of your family’s history and have been around the world and seen a lot of things; why not display your treasures? A new trend arising this fall is allowing your collectibles, antiques, or other curated items to tell the story of your life in an elegant and sophisticated way. Display your great grandmother’s serving dish or your great grandfather’s vintage humidor with pride or decorate the room with authentic souvenirs from your travels, like the colorful hand-painted ceramic bowl from Morocco, the copper coffee set from Turkey, or the traditional Venetian mask from Italy. You can pull of this trend in a variety of ways, such as on shelves in your kitchen, on a bookshelf in your office, or on a wall in your living room like in our Delfina model home at The Founders Club.

Make Unique Design Your Focal Point

The Girona's unique design by Romanza Interior Design.

Another great fall trend is creating a focal point with the use of one or two amazing pieces of furniture that celebrate hand-craftsmanship, distinct design, or both. The coffee table in the living room of the Girona model home achieves the goal of distinct design with a unique mix of wood and fabric set against a neutral room. It is also located directly below another distinct piece in the room: the black iron chandelier. These unique pieces become the main source of your design and can create a room that is reflective of you and your luxury living lifestyle.

Whether you’re looking for an award-winning home with a stunning interior design, an unfurnished model to decorate your way, or have a home of your own that you would like to spruce up for the season, the professionals at Romanza Interior Design are always available to assist you in your custom design needs. London Bay Homes and Romanza Interior Design have been luxury partners since 2002 and have accumulated more than 150 architectural awards and more than 150 design awards. Trust your home to the Southwest Florida luxury home builder and award-winning interior design experts that can bring your vision to life. View our furnished and unfurnished model homes or contact us to schedule your appointment.

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