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Building or Remodeling Your Luxury Homes for the Future

by Gina Watters

As many of the baby boomers begin to search for their forever home, a new trend has emerged to smooth their way into retirement.  The term “aging in place” refers to future proofing a home so that as the years tick by, homeowners will be less likely to need a full remodel/renovation in later years because their home will be prepared for future technologies, as well as their physical transitioning needs, now.  No, we are not talking about grab bars and stair rails (although those are both great and easy options to add for older homeowners that need them), but about smart planning the layout and details of your home, whether it’s during a current renovation or during the construction process of your newly purchased luxury home.

The key to future proofing your home is to create a design that is convenient, safe, and aesthetically pleasing for varying ages and physical abilities.  Certain colors and styles may be popular now, but won’t be so attractive ten years from now when yellow is the new black, pink is the new orange, and chevron is the new lattice.  And that’s just the interior design.  Safety can become a big concern for homeowners that have aged to the point of needing a walker or wheelchair, and although aging is not a fun and stress-free thing to think about, it’s a necessary concern when future proofing your home.  If you’re in the process of buying a new luxury home or are considering a renovation to prepare your home for the future, here are a few things to consider:

  • Your home should be single-story to avoid having to use stairs in later years, or should come equipped with an elevator to make the transport easier.  You can also put the master bedroom on the first floor of your two-story home to limit the amount of times you have to climb the stairs.
  • Walkways, hallways, and doorways should be smooth and made wide enough so that a wheelchair or walker can easily fit or you can be accompanied by a caretaker.
  • Transitions to each room should be seamless to avoid tripping over the thresholds, t-strips, stairnose, or any other transition used.
  • Flooring should be non-slip.
  • There should be plenty of lighting throughout your home, especially in areas where you will be doing focused work such as your kitchen or study.  You should also have motion-sensor lighting around the exterior of your home so your lights instantly turn on when you are walking up to it.
  • Interior switches and outlets should be within easy reach.
  • Prepare your home for future technologies by having your construction company pull conduit and wiring to every room in your home for which you may need data and video feeds in the future.  You can’t ever pull too many wires in your home and it’s a lot less expensive to pull the wires now then to have to go back and do it later.
  • Kitchen countertops should be made low enough so you can prep food while sitting on a stool or wheelchair.
  • Bathrooms should be spacious to make it easy to move around.
  • Toilets should be a little higher to reduce the risk of falling.
  • Showers should be designed with no edge to avoid tripping.

When you roll key upgrades into your home now, you’ll be avoiding the hassle of adding them in the future when it may not be so easy to oversee a project or when it is not as cost-efficient to do so.  If you’re looking to design and build a luxury home for your future, or would like to renovate your existing home, consider London Bay Homes for your needs.  London Bay Homes has been creating and remodeling luxury homes and condominiums in Southwest Florida’s most exclusive neighborhoods for nearly 25 years.  Our team of in-house architects, interior designers, and construction managers carefully determine the full scope of each project, providing innovative space planning and utilizing our unique, design-led process to ensure that each homeowner’s individual lifestyle is blended with the latest design and technology trends available.

From complete interior and exterior makeovers and room additions to accommodate passions or guests, to full kitchen and bath renovations incorporating architectural and design accents, London Bay develops inspired design solutions that align with your goals and our Private Label Living process ensures your new home is the perfect reflection of your personal vision.

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