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    5 Must-Have Features For Your Luxury Master Bedroom

    by Arelys Alexander

    The master bedroom should be the focal point of any luxury custom home because you're going to be spending a lot of time there. The average American will spend 36 years in bed over the course of their lifetime so building yourself a comfortable bedroom is one of the most important parts of building your dream custom home.

    Create the coziest and chicest possible space by focusing on the extra bedroom features that matter. Here are some must-haves for luxury bedrooms:



    Give yourself plenty of room to display and arrange your things. A spacious walk-in closet ensures you have plenty of storage and, with the right touch, a walk-in closet can be an extension of your personality. 

    If you have a shoe obsession, build a closet with several shelves and built-in shoe racks. Want a more open, lighter feel? Add a window. Building a custom luxury home means removing the limits of your imagination. No matter your needs or wants, you can design the closet of your dreams.


    2. A BOOK NOOK

    A reading nook is a perfect addition to any master bedroom by providing a place to lounge, relax, and kick back with a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy a good book. 

    Make your master bedroom and reading space your own with unique, statement pieces, like a daybed perched right by the window or a roomy and comfortable corner banquette

    Complete the look with intimate lights or choose a small lamp with adjustable lighting or pleasantly decorative wall sconces. This cozy spot is the perfect addition to a comfortable master bedroom.



    Create an air of luxury for your master bedroom with a king-sized, statement bed. 

    According to Good Housekeeping, "Modern versions made with acrylic, metal, and sleek upholstered frames are making a comeback." 

    Trendy statement beds utilize traditional canopy frames while keeping them open, airy, and inviting. (Ditch the heavy, fabric curtains!) Add even more oomph to your statement bed by building a raised platform. 



    Natural light combats depression, improves sleep quality, and buoys vitamin D levels. Get as much natural light in your master bedroom as possible with a well-placed skylight. 

    Skylights look elegant, allow you to let in more fresh air, and brighten up bedrooms with natural light. Plus, skylights are such a popular feature that they add considerable value to your home when it comes time to sell. 



    The perfect master bedroom is not complete without the perfect master bath. Bring all the luxury of the spa home with a spa bathroom.Create a feeling of natural serenity and another to escape and relax.

    Another emerging trend in spa bathrooms is to set the tub apart or to install a free-standing tub. The idea is to create a separate space for soaking and relaxing—a space where it feels like it is just you and the bathtub. 

    Put together a luxurious master bedroom and master bathroom with help from the experienced professionals at London Bay Homes. Contact us today to speak to a member of our team and out how we can build your dream custom home.

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