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Benefits of an Open Floor Plan Home

by Gina Watters

Open floor plans have been all the rage for a few years. They offer a lot of benefits and perks that a traditional, closed-off design style can’t offer. These are just a few of the perks of choosing an open floor plan for your luxury custom home.

Open Floor Plans Maximize Your Square Footage

The easiest way to make the best use of all the space in your home is to go with an open floor plan. Not only does an open floor plan make your home seem bigger, it actually helps you maximize the available space.

So, rather than slicing up your floor plan with lots of small rooms, open plans are exactly as they say: open. Not only does this mean less space taken up by walls, but it also gives your home a much larger and more open feel.

Better AIRFLOW and Easier Lighting

Probably one of the biggest perks of an open floor plan is that it helps the natural light from your windows fill your space easier. Natural light not only looks better, but it's also easier on the eyes, will keep your electric bill down, and comes with its own mental health benefits.

The openness of the floor plan also helps with airflow, both from your A/C unit and from any open windows. This makes it much easier and quicker to cool your home naturally with open windows. It’s also nice to get that famous Sarasota sea breeze flowing with a nice cross breeze.

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More Space for Entertaining

Having larger, more open spaces in your home will naturally make it easier to entertain larger amounts of guests. Whether it be in your kitchen, family room, dining room, or outdoor space, having the appropriate amount of space makes for a more comfortable party or get-together.

It’s not just limited to when you bring in guests, an open floor plan also makes it easier to converse when it’s just you and your family.

Open Floor Plans Give You Flexibility to Decorate

With more space comes more options when it comes to decorating and furnishing your new custom home. With a more closed-off plan, each room is given a distinct purpose and you don’t have much room for creativity. But, with an open plan, what seems like a single room can actually be so much more. Many people love to experiment with their open spaces and use furniture, lighting, and decorations to create many smaller spaces that blend together into a cohesive design.

Some may look at a larger room as being too big or too much space, but most people see it as a creative challenge.

Deciding on the perfect floor plan is just one of the many exciting decisions you’ll make on the journey toward your dream custom home. If you’re interested in finding out the next steps, contact us today.

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