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The Best Conservatories to Visit in Southwest Florida

by Arelys Alexander

Southwest Florida houses some of the best conservatories in the country. If you are looking for calm environments to spend your day while surrounded by nature's beauty, a conservatory is the right place to be. 

If you are hoping to settle down in Southwest Florida, here are some of the gardens you should explore. 

1. Lakes Park Botanic Garden

The Lakes Park Botanic garden is part of Lakes Park. The park houses several activities, including bird watching, boat and bike rides, picnic areas, and even a train ride museum. 

If you are looking for fun activities for the entire family, Lakes Park is an ideal destination. The botanic garden is excellent for slow and quiet walks, meditation and communing with nature. 

Interestingly, the garden was initially created for the visually impaired as a fragrance garden. The garden is home to a variety of flowers, exotic plants, herbs, and vines.


2. Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens, Naples

The Naples Zoo is a fully accredited zoo that creates an excellent environment for you to interact with animals. The zoo exists in a tropical garden and from giraffe and alligator feeding, to safaris, it has fun activities for you and your family. 

When you visit the Naples Zoo, you participate directly in the conservation of endangered species both in and outside the wild and also contribute to the education of kids in Madagascar. The zoo is open daily from 9am to 4:30pm so make sure you come out and experience all the fun today!


3. Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, Sarasota

Popularly described as a living museum, the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens are located on the picturesque Sarasota Bay and is dedicated to the study of epiphytes (plants such as orchids and bromeliads). 

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There are several activities for children to enjoy such as visits to the rainforest, gardens, a glasshouse conservatory, and grounds with historic homes. The Museum of Botany & Arts and the former Christine Payne mansion are both housed in this garden and act as representations of the architectural history of Sarasota. 

Besides nature, the gardens also host fun family activities including painting classes, yoga, and photography.


4. The Conservancy of Southwest Florida, Naples

This conservancy, which aims to protect the water, land, wildlife, and the future, is home to several activities and learning experiences. 

First is the Dalton Discovery Center, where you can learn about the ecosystems in Florida and encounter different species of snakes, mangroves, marine invertebrates, and aquariums. 

The electric boat rides or kayak tours in the conservancy are an excellent way for your family and friends to tour the area and come face to face with the beauty of natural Florida.


5. Sarasota Jungle Gardens, Sarasota

These gardens by the bay are home to over 200 animals and present an excellent family outing. 

You can talk to a parrot, enjoy viewing flamingoes, check out the alligators and walk freely on the nature trails. Other animals in the gardens include primates, snakes, lizards, iguanas, crocodiles, sheep, and lemurs. 


The garden is family run and provides rehabilitation and safe homes for the animals. Have you ever wanted to feed a flamingo? Then Sarasota Jungle Gardens is the right place to go.


6. Naples Botanical Garden, Naples

The Naples Botanical Gardens have six beautiful gardens for you to explore distributed over a 170-acre plot that showcases different ecosystems. 

There are plants from the Caribbean, Southeast Asia, Brazil, and Florida for you to discover, along with all the beautiful walking trails and a butterfly garden.


Exploring southwest Florida

Visiting these amazing conservatories in Southwest Florida is just one way to enjoy the luxuries the area has to offer. If you're looking to settle in Florida, contact us today to learn more about how we can find you the perfect luxury home.

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