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    Choosing a Luxury Home Community That Works for Your Lifestyle

    by Arelys Alexander

    Just because you’re moving to Southwest Florida doesn’t mean you are keen on spending your days on our white sandy beaches.  In order to enjoy your new carefree lifestyle, you will first have to find a community that will best serve your unique tastes.

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    From nature loving walks and family-friendly outings to boutique shopping and arts and cultural venues, Southwest Florida offers a wide variety of lifestyle options.  Choose one or choose them all, but make sure your picture perfect neighborhood will support your decision.

    What Exactly Do You Want in Your Luxury Home Community

    In order to determine which luxury home community will work best for your lifestyle, you must first determine what it is you seek.  A large family will need space to accommodate everyone, including relatives and friends that will want to spend their vacation in sunny Southwest Florida.  A couple who wants to resize to a home that will let them enjoy their lives instead of occupy them with tasks and home management will need a smaller home that still has the luxury options to which they are accustomed.  Our luxury home communities in Southwest Florida offer different luxury home options, including condos, villas, and single family homes, so you can choose the home that works best for you.  You should also consider the luxury amenities offered in any luxury home community you consider, including those amenities that support your lifestyle.  To get a good idea of the amenities that you would like in your future home, consider the amenities you find lacking in your current community and those you enjoy.

    The Location of Your Luxury Home Community

    A luxury home community is only as good as its prime location, luxury homes, luxury amenities.

    Location matters, and the location of your new home community can amplify your new lifestyle, or it can make it more difficult to enjoy the things you love.  A couple who enjoys the finer things in life will want to ensure they are located close to fine dining and exquisite shopping destinations.  A family who loves to dig their toes in the sand and frolic in the surf will want to be close to our award-winning beaches and the warm Gulf of Mexico.

    Find your perfect community by writing down everything you enjoy outside of your home.  You should also consider the proximity to your employment, should you continue to work when you move to Florida, or even to the airport, should you travel often or enjoy spending your summers up north.  Consider everything that may sway your decision, including businesses, shopping, dining, art galleries, museums, parks, pools, tennis courts, nature areas, and anything else you may consider vital to your lifestyle.  Next, find the luxury home communities that are located close to the areas where your favorite activities are located, and write down the pros and cons of each community to find a narrowed list of suitable options.  Also consider the crime statistics, school ratings, tourist attractions, and other area-specific statistics necessary to make your decision.

    Visit Your Top Choices

    Once you’ve narrowed your lists of new home communities, the next thing you must do is visit each one to ensure it matches what you found during your research.  It’s important that you do not visit the communities before you do your research as you may end up falling in love with a community that does not have anything on your list of must-haves.  A community may be beautiful and alluring, but if it doesn’t have what you need for your lifestyle, then it will not be your ideal home in the long run.

    Visit each luxury home community and see the model homes, luxury amenities, and layout of the community to get a feel for each one.  At each community, you will get a tour from the a sales executive, who can answer any questions you may have.  It will also be beneficial to ask to speak to some of the residents of the neighborhood to learn what it is they love about their community.

    Make Your Final Choice

    You’ve done your research and talked to the experts, now it’s time to choose where you will want to live.  Revisit all of the information, weigh your options, and make your decision.  Consider the type of homes offered at each one, the amenities you will enjoy, and the overall look and feel of the community.

    London Bay Homes can make the home buying process easier with our list of luxury home communities in Southwest Florida.  Contact us to learn more about each community and get a head start on your home buying journey.

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