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Current Trending Styles for Coastal Living

by Arelys Alexander

Florida has always been a haven for stunning coastal homes and the most modern design trends. From contemporary coastal design style and resort design style to architecturally unique designs, there are numerous fascinating, emerging trends in Southwest Florida.

1. Colorful and concealed kitchens

Florida kitchen design has taken a significant turn toward moody-hues, sleek, colorful kitchen cabinets, and bold patterned kitchen backsplashes. Florida homeowners are now painting lower kitchen cabinets a darker hue compared to the higher cabinets. This trend creates a beautiful contrast as well as visual interest.

2. Smart homes

One of the trends enabling Florida luxury living, and luxury living across the country, is home automation. 

Technology has evolved dramatically over the last few years and some of the trends in home automation for coastal living include: motorized shades, automatic climate regulation, communications and entertainment, LED lighting, and smart home security options.

It's always pretty warm in South Florida, and many homes are now having smart thermostats meant to adjust the home's temperature on its own and keep the environment cool, while conserving energy. Most of these thermostats can also be controlled remotely from a smart device. The concept of home automation is making everyday life easier for Florida homeowners.

3. Spa-like bathrooms

Master bathrooms are being transformed into wellness escapes through different innovative ways including heated towel racks, heated floors, and smart showers.

Bathrooms are also designed with resort-quality linens, cool pallets, lots of natural stones, candles, healthy, green toiletries and cosmetics, and as much natural light as possible.

spa like bathroom marble white bathtub showers

4. Outdoor kitchen areas

Kitchen spaces are also expanding to the outdoors. Many homeowners in tropical climates are transforming patios and outdoor spaces into extra seating areas, with durable fabrics, cushions, and rugs, cushions and fabrics. Now, you can have a fully-equipped kitchen completely outside so you don’t miss a second of the gorgeous Florida weather.

chairs dining table stove top outdoor kitchen in Florida trees

5. Home Office

With working from home becoming more and more prolific, having a comfortable, secluded home office is something many Florida home buyers are focusing on. Even if you’re retired, a home office is a great place to relax and concentrate on any tasks or duties without distractions.


6. At-home resort style

Homeowners in Florida are used to warm and consistent sunny days. Living in a tropical paradise compels them to embrace the outdoors and blend it seamlessly into their homes. As a result, many homeowners in Southwest Florida are adopting a vibrant, tropical decorating style, including bright color pops, natural materials like bamboo, cane, and rattan into their décor looking to create a resort-style design in their homes.

7. Open concept layouts and wall texturing

Open concept floor plan has been a huge trend for the past several years and still is in 2019. Homes are being designed with a kitchen that opens up to the living spaces, allowing homeowners to host large parties and gatherings.

Those looking for a more intimate space in an open floor plan, have the choice to install beautiful room dividers to create more cozy spaces.

The home building trend in South Florida now is adding reclaimed wood accents or bricks to walls and ceilings to add elegance and style to a home's overall look and feel.

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While trends change constantly, they also provide inspiration to transform your home. For that reason, enjoy these beautiful and luxurious home trends before the next catches your eye!

Looking to build your dream home in Southwest Florida? Contact us today and we'll help you build a home that compliments Florida's luxury and grandeur.

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