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5 Most Common Types of Florida Home Architecture

by London Bay Homes

If you are considering building or buying a house in Florida, the plethora of architectural styles available in the housing market may overwhelm you in the beginning. From the beach-perfect coastal style bungalows to the Spanish or Art Deco-inspired properties—the sheer variety in Florida architecture is considerable. In this article, we’ll guide you through the 5 most prominent Florida home architectural styles popular today.

1. Coastal Contemporary 

As the name suggests, this style of architecture is popular along the coastline of the state. 

Characterized by modern concepts like a high ceiling and mostly open floor plan, these houses are designed to let in maximum natural light. 

Perhaps one of the most common features of a home of this type is the presence of large, usually floor-to-ceiling windows.

2. Mediterranean Architecture

The European influence on the design of homes in Florida is quite prominent, as evident from the presence of both Mediterranean and Spanish architectural styles. Mediterranean architecture is characterized by the presence of stucco walls and tiled, low-pitched roofs. 

Additionally, other typical design elements include parapet walls with tile capping, articulate and intricate door surrounds, detailing of the keystone, symmetrical and large facades, and arches. Delicate wrought iron detailing in balconies and windows are also common to the Mediterranean style.

3. Spanish Style

Quite similar to the Mediterranean style is Spanish architecture. While this style also features the stucco walls and low-pitched roofs, it is further characterized by details like flat roofs, clay tiles, and terracotta additions.

Additional features include small-sized balconies, Roman arcades, wooden casements, and other similar accents.

The Spanish style in Florida is commonly seen in the large estates that are built along the coastlines, beyond the reach of the cities. These houses combine elements from the Spanish Baroque, Moorish Revival with certain design principles of the American Arts and Crafts movements. The resulting style is something very unique to Florida.

4. Victorian Architecture

Found mostly in Central Florida, Victorian-style homes are easily recognizable because of their distinctive features like a narrow, tall design and presence of embellishments like trims, intricate porch rails, etc. 

These buildings tend to have smaller windows. Since most Victorian homes were built years ago, they are usually seen in the old and historic parts of the state.

5. Ranch Architecture

Ranch style homes are found throughout the country and the state of Florida is no exception. 

These homes are usually planned on one level and have attached garages at an end. With everything at a single level, these homes are really popular amongst the senior population due to their ease of access. 

Another advantage of these homes is that it is relatively simple to make additions to the architecture like a screened porch, provided space is available.

If you are looking to build your perfect home in Southwest Florida, then London Bay Homes is here to help you. 

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