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How to Design Your Home for the Southwest Florida Lifestyle

by Gina Watters

The sunshine state is home to some of the most luxurious homes in the US. And when you live in such a neighborhood, you want your home to stand out. And not just on the outside, but the interior as well.

You have to make sure your new home's design is utterly timeless and with a touch of extravagance, of course. So, how can you make this happen? Check out these design tips to get your home attuned to the Southwest Florida lifestyle.

Color Always Does the Trick

We live in a beach city, so why not incorporate that beach vibe into your home? You don't have to live next to the beach to do it. All you need is a little color. And the best thing about color is you get lots of choices. 

Southwest Florida is bright and sunny, so dark walls and heavy woods won't cut it. The trick here is to give your home a lighter feel, so keep your walls white or in a pastel color. Also, go for lighter woods such as maple or pine. 

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Make sure the color you choose to go with matches the lush natural surroundings of the environment. Ocean blues and sandy hues are excellent colors to complement the beachy look. 

When it comes to accents, you can never go wrong with palmy greens and bright oranges. Hibiscus pink also does wonders in bringing a nice playful look into your home.

Large Windows and Sliding Glass Doors

One of the most notable perks of living in Southwest Florida is that you're always surrounded by a cool ocean breeze and sunshine. When talking to your designer, make sure they incorporate large windows and a couple of sliding doors into the floor plan.

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Large doors and windows are pretty handy in letting in natural light. They also do wonders in creating an open-air experience within the home. 

Infinity Pool


Nothing screams elegance louder than an infinity pool. And when you're talking about a city with the second-highest number of pools per capita, you need to set yourself apart, and nothing does that better than an infinity pool.

This is especially vital if you have a view overlooking the ocean or other great scenery. The infinity pool will maximize the view while adding a touch of elegance to your home.

Ready For Your Dream House?

At London Bay Homes, we can make your dream luxury home a reality. With our fully customizable floor plans, you'll be on your way to owning a one-of-a-kind custom home. Contact us, or download our Private Label Living Magazine to learn more. 

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