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    Discover Luxury Homes in Sarasota with Sales Executive Jennifer Faliero

    by Arelys Alexander

    If you’re looking to purchase a custom home in the beautiful city of Sarasota FL, London Bay Homes has got just the Sales Executive for you.  Jennifer Faliero has joined the London Bay Homes Sarasota team and is ready to turn your vision into a dream home with our signature Private Label Living process.

    Let Jennifer Falierno show you all of the luxury homes in Sarasota FL..jpgJennifer was born in Birmingham, AL and grew up all over the southern United States before graduating from the University of South Florida.  She served as a school board member for eight years in the 8th largest school district in the nation, but eventually found her place in real estate in 2014.  Upon obtaining her license, Jennifer went to work for a semi-custom home builder where she found a passion for helping clients, building trust, and infusing joy into the homebuilding process.  Her passion for helping clients customize floor plans to match their tastes and personalities, and creating unique homes in the process, make her ideal for the London Bay Homes family.  The luxury home builder delivers the true luxury of a tailored fit for every home we build with our signature Private Label Living process, which brings with it an unparalleled level of customization, exquisite craftsmanship, and the ability to surpass the homeowner’s expectations at every turn.  As part of that commitment to excellence, Jennifer is excited about building a solid foundation for the Sarasota collection and launching the Build on Your Home Site program for the Sarasota real estate market, whether you’re building a coastal contemporary residence on one of the Sarasota Keys, an extravagant residence within Sarasota’s historic district, or a luxury custom home in one of our new home communities available in Sarasota FL.  She even hopes to earn her luxury home designation this year.

    Armed with London Bay Homes’ Private Label Living process, as well as the luxury home builder’s in-house team of architecture, design, and construction professionals, Jennifer is looking forward to ensuring your new home is as unique as you are. Luxury homes in Sarasota have the benefit of being located in WalletHub’s top choice for the Best Place to Retire and the area’s charming neighborhoods, beautiful natural surroundings, many art galleries, stylish boutiques, and delectable dining destinations will easily allow you to see why our beautiful city was given the designation.  Jennifer is discovering the draw of the city (she just moved to Sarasota FL in March 2017) by fast becoming a foodie thanks to Sarasota’s many authentic food options.  She aspires to living the healthiest and happiest lifestyle possible and hopes to inspire others to do the same.

    When she is not busy honing her skills as a luxury real estate agent or indulging in fresh, clean, and organic food, she enjoys photography and architecture and design, as well as spending some time traveling and meeting new people. 

    Schedule your appointment to meet with Jennifer Faliero and discover how she can help bring your visions to life by building unique and exquisite luxury homes in Sarasota FL. 

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