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Easy Ways to Personalize Your New Luxury Home

by Arelys Alexander

Your home is your own personal space where you should find peace and unwind after a long day of work or play. It is the one place where you can let go and truly become yourself. It is away from the prying eyes of the world at large.  Of course, when trying to achieve this oasis of comfort, it helps when your home reflects your style and personality. If you are unsure of where to begin to create a space inspired by you, here are 6 ways to synchronize interior décor with your tastes. 

Picture Frames


Many people seem to forget about using picture frames to personalize their home. Instead, they focus on furniture, bedroom sets, and bathroom accessories.  These are all important, but picture frames are a simple way to personalize your space and bring together your other design features.

Decorating your walls with pictures of you and your loved ones is by far the easiest way to ‘breathe’ your personality into a room. Place a few right next to those impeccable bedrooms, spruce up your book shelves by placing a picture frame next to a stack of books, and place one above your fireplace. You can also set up a gathering of picture frames in your gallery to add style and dimension to the narrow space.

Showing Off Your Collections



You may have traveled the world and purchased a trinket for every location, or you may have inherited family heirlooms or kept art projects from your children or grandchildren, whatever you have to show off, display it in a way that adds to your interior design.  Your personal items can be expertly placed on shelves or throughout the home to add a memory of the places you’ve been or the things you have seen.



Floating bookshelves are a great way to share your favorite books and liven the design with properly distributed knick knacks that have meaning.  For example, if you have a set of three books, you can place them on a shelf and add a plant or a picture of your last vacation.  If you have an extensive book collection, you can add a bookcase that features childhood novels, autobiographies of people that inspired you, and if nothing else, even books from your curriculum will do.


Decorative Pillows


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If you’re looking to make your home comfy and cozy, there isn’t a better way to do so than by adding decorative, but comfortable, pillows to your sitting areas.  Whether they are bright, textured, or themed to match your interior design, pillows can be an easy way to personalize your home.




Scientists agree that plants play an important role in our psychology by elevating our mood, keeping us recharged, and even making us more productive.  Some people may avoid adding plants to their interior design because they simply don’t have the time to nurture them, but there are plenty of low maintenance plants that will add warmth, liveliness, and clean air to your home, such as aloe plants, rubber trees (the actual plant, not a fake rubber plant), peace lilies, and philodendrons are prime example of plants that are easy to care for. 

It is sometimes a little difficult to choose plants because modern designs seem to demand straight and clean lines, as opposed to nature’s wildly obtuse shapes and curves. This doesn’t mean that plants cannot be used for creative design. They have the potential to play an equally important part as other accessories in your room. All you have to do is find the right plant for your design.

You can decorate your house with plants individually or in groups to make a small green space. Some trendy ideas include green walls and walls of plants or even just flowers floating in water.  



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Nothing holds as much transformative potential as a great area rug. Rugs can revamp your living space by lending their theme and pattern to every accessory around them. Don’t be afraid to layer one rug on top of another. Just make sure the rugs have strong contrast ratios to set them apart, but also make sure both rugs go with your interior design.

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