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How to Achieve the 'Coastal Contemporary' Look in Your Home

by Arelys Alexander

When designing a coastal home, most want something that is able to effortlessly combine comfort and sophistication. That’s why so many choose to build a coastal contemporary style home in cities along the Gulf of Mexico like Naples and Sarasota.

Not to be mistaken for the nautical styles that dawned beach vacation homes of old, coastal contemporary, when done right, exudes tranquility and elegance without feeling kitschy. Here are a few of the aspects that help make up the coastal contemporary style.

Prioritizing Natural Light

The secret to helping your coastal home feel fresh and inviting is to let in all of the Florida sunshine that you can. 

In order to do that, coastal contemporary homes are usually seen with large windows and open floor plans. This lets in as much light as possible and allows it to fill the entire home. 

To maximize this effect, consider the furniture you put into your great rooms. Instead of dated blinds or heavy drapes, choose window treatments or blinds that fully retract during the day. The result will be a modern feel that brightens up every room in your home.

Embrace the Color White

Your coastal home doesn't have to be a luxurious mansion to feel like one. When it comes to designing a coastal home that feels spacious and breezy, embracing crisp whites and soft neutrals are the way to go. From walls and countertops to rugs and accessories, portraying a predominantly white backdrop is an effortless way to give any room in your home a clean and contemporary vibe. 

Accent With Blues & Greens

Just because most coastal contemporary homes boast white walls, floors, and decor doesn't mean it has to feel cold or bare. 

Accent your walls and furniture with subtle blues and greens as an effective way to bring your coastal home to life without overdoing it and losing the coastal contemporary feel. 

Incorporating muted colors in accent pillows, throw blankets, and artwork can add an element of visual intrigue while still embracing a modern, polished atmosphere.

Natural Furniture

In the past, choosing an over-the-top beach theme was popular in coastal living spaces. Nowadays, this approach can make your home feel dated or tired rather than chic and contemporary. 

Rather than decking a room in seashells or sand dollars, try incorporating natural elements into your rooms to preserve the modern feel. This can be done by choosing distressed furnishings, woven rugs with plenty of texture, or adding a few natural pieces, such as driftwood. 

Modern Lanais

Most coastal contemporary homes, and most Florida homes in general, will come with a beautiful lanai to help you enjoy the year-round sunshine and warm weather. 

Along with the standard outdoor furniture, you can find ways to modernize your lanai with unique features like outdoor kitchens, bars, and large couches to help you entertain and relax outside.

Hard Surfaces Instead of Carpets

Another trend you’ll find in most coastal contemporary homes is the distinct lack of carpeting in almost the entire home. In its place, you’ll find a wide assortment of different hard surfaces from hardwood to vinyl and tile. Not only does this help modernize the home, it also will help you stay cool during the hotter months and makes for easier cleanup.

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