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Luxury Indoor-Entertainment Additions to Include in your Custom Home

by Arelys Alexander

Building a custom home and designing it to suit your preferences is always an exciting idea because you finally have an opportunity to include every feature you have ever dreamed of having in your house. These features are what make your home unique to you.

As you embark on building a custom home for yourself, consider adding these luxury spaces to make it unique and suited to your specific needs. 

Work or Relax in a Home office    

Incorporating a home office in your new home offers a place where you can catch up on essential tasks whenever you are at home. After all, working from home has become much more prominent which means developing a space to focus is important. It’s a place where you can avoid distractions when you want to be productive.

There are plenty of features you can include to the space to customize it such as having a big desk and comfortable office chairs, integrated bookshelves, a reading window, and more.

Unwind at Your Own Private Pool 

Having an indoor pool is an essential feature with every custom home—especially in Southwest Florida. A pool is a place where you can gather with friends and family or unwind on your own and watch the sunset.

Relax in Your Luxury Spa-Like Bath 

A bathroom is a central part of the house, thus, making it unique and classy helps to add to the sophistication of your home. Rather than have the obvious sinks, a toilet, and shower, there are many additions you can include in your new bathroom; for example, you can have spa features by adding a steam shower. This will enhance the elegance of the space and make your bathroom more appealing. 

Other luxury additions you can incorporate are a dual shower fitted with programmable thermostats so you can adjust the water temperatures as you wish. Add to the glow by having marble finishes and a free-standing bathtub. No doubt, this will make your bathroom stand out. 

Entertain at Your Home Bar   

Having a home bar in your custom home is a sure way to complement the house and add to the luxury in your home. It also provides a place where you can entertain your guests—and show off your arsenal of cocktails—without having to go out. 

Home Theatre  

Bring the luxuries of the entertainment world in your home with your very own game room or private theatre. Entertain your family or enjoy a flick on your own in the comfort of your home.

As an addition, you can make it music-friendly by installing top-tier sound systems so you can enjoy some music while lounging about in the darkness of the theatre.

Focusing on what appeals to you is important while building a custom home. The features mentioned above can help to make your home more sophisticated and comfortable. 

At London Bay Homes, we specialize in designing and building luxury custom homes suited to your needs and preferences. Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can help you build your dream home.

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