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Your Next Level Renovation Guide with London Bay

by Arelys Alexander

Renovations are a brilliant way to make your spaces more luxurious and comfortable. London Bay draws inspiration from the latest trends and integrates them into the most exclusive condominiums and homes in Southwest Florida. We infuse your unique ideas with modern features and the latest designs that seamlessly reflect your lifestyle preferences.

London Bay Renovation offers next-level luxury remodeling services that range from room additions, complete exterior and interior makeovers, and partial interior bathroom and kitchen refurbishments. We complement the experience with our personalized process at our Selection Studio.

kitchen refurbishments

"Our clients let us coordinate the various design specialists, contractors, and consultants. This helps us achieve our goal of creating the best design and construction while providing a pleasurable experience for our clients," said Steve Miller, Vice President of London Bay Homes. One of the biggest trends sweeping the market is homeowners’ tastes changing but they love the location or neighborhood so they want to upgrade their home.

As a homeowner, you may also want to consider the latest smart home technology and fuse this with a unique idea of your desired space. Choosing London Bay Renovations as your partner is the perfect way to achieve luxury through fresher & lighter designs and more open spaces.

Some of the top trends you should consider in your remodeling journey include:

  • Bringing in fresh, natural materials
  • Utilizing existing design elements by re-finishing 
  • Adding storage space
  • Opening up walls to give your home a better flow
  • Increasing the indoor/outdoor livability

what to consider in your remodeling journey

From luxury high-rise buildouts, exterior revitalization and enhancement, revamping exterior living environments, additions, full bath, master suite and kitchen renovations, and other whole or selective renovations, London Bay Renovation is here to guide you through the process.

Our team has collaborated with hundreds of clients throughout Southwest Florida. Our official website offers more details about these projects and more. 

We will ensure your unique vision comes to life, we offer a range of design ideas for flooring options and landscaping services to match your lifestyle. 

Renovation Your Luxury Outdoor Space

One of the best perks of having a luxury home in Southwest Florida is being able to enjoy the outdoors year-round, which means you need to have a perfect outdoor space. Here are a few things to consider when renovating your outdoor space.

  • Outdoor Living Area - Whether it’s during the summer heat or the year-round warm weather, having an outdoor living space is the perfect thing to add when renovating your home. This can include an outdoor kitchen or bar, or a large table perfect for hosting friends and family. 
  • Adding a Luxurious Pool - From the convenience of being right in your backyard to the amazing alfresco dinners and refreshing pool parties, adding a custom pool can make your outdoor space the perfect oasis. It’s also a great way to stay active with ease since swimming is a low-impact exercise that doesn’t put stress on your bones, joints, and muscles.

renovate your luxury outdoor space

To learn more about London Bay Renovations and remodeling tips, visit our website or call 239-298-7623.

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