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Top 5 Luxury Home Trends to Watch in 2016

by Gina Watters

Technology is rapidly changing how we function in our everyday lives, but just when you thought the next remodel would bring you a technology-laden house with Rosie, the electronic maid from The Jetsons, at your disposal, new luxury home trends are proving to be backing away from electronics.  No, we are not saying home automation is headed out the window - far from it - but we are saying that the newest luxury home trends are incorporating spaces with no ties to technology for the perfect place to relax sans smartphone and tablet.

Statement Luxury Kitchens with Multi-Purpose Islands

The Chianti III in Estuary at Grey Oaks is a luxury home offering the best kitchen trends.

We touched upon the newest trends for luxury kitchens in 2015 and many of those trends are still active today.  However, the newest addition to making your kitchen more than just a place to prep and cook food is statement pieces that bring out the home decor and multi-purpose islands that will allow you to cook away as you help your child or grandchild put a puzzle together or chat with some friends with a glass of wine and some seared scallops sizzling on the pan.

A great example of a luxury kitchen with purpose is the kitchen found in the Chianti III model home at Estuary in Grey Oaks.  The island is most certainly the focal point of this kitchen with great storage space, a beautiful display area, and vast counter space.  Wood beams and perfectly paired chandeliers add to the traditional design of the home.

Formal Dining Rooms

The London Bay Homes Delfina model in Mediterra Naples.

Another 2016 luxury home trend is incorporating a formal dining room into your custom home.  Now instead of sitting in front of the television or grabbing a spot on the kitchen island, families are increasing the importance of togetherness with a sit-down dinner in a dedicated room of the house.  It’s not as extravagant as a traditional dinner from a Jane Austen novel, but it is a step up from the 1950’s when families would plop in front of their new color television with a TV dinner on a tray.

London Bay Homes took formal dining to a level of luxury with the dining room in the Delfina model home at Mediterra.  This dining room easily provides an elegant setting for a family dinner during the week, a dinner party with friends, or a raucous holiday dinner with all of the fixings.

A Quaint Living Room Minus the Tech

Discover a tech-less living room in the Carina at Portofino at Miromar Lakes

If you want to spend the day relaxing or playing board games with the kids or your friends (who doesn’t love game night?), then the newest living room trend is right up your alley.  Some homeowners are opting to have a living room that is devoid of all technology, meaning there’s no binge-watching your favorite TV shows until all hours of the night.  The living room is again becoming a place where family, friends, and guests can spend some quality time together without the mindless drum of a television or any other technological distractions.

The Carina at Miromar Lakes Golf & Beach Club offers the ideal sitting room for such a trend with a beautifully decorated living room with quick access to the outdoor living area and the view it provides.

Bathroom Spa Retreats

Luxury Home: The Brighton in Quail West

After long, hard day, homeowners are discovering that a peaceful soak in a giant tub is just as relaxing as a day in the spa.  This realization has prompted many homeowners to recreate the spa experience with a soothing atmosphere in their master bathroom utilizing soft lighting, a giant soaker tub, one-of-a-kind vanities, and a picturesque view from a large window.

This spa-like experience can be had in the upcoming Brighton model in Quail West.  This custom  home will feature every aspect of a luxurious day at the spa, minus a masseur at your beck and call.  Of course that can always be arranged.

Blending Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

The Claremont blends indoor and outdoor living in Old Naples.

With the beautiful weather found in Southwest Florida it’s no wonder that integrating indoor and outdoor spaces is a trend that keeps coming back year after year.  Every custom home built by London Bay Homes has a spectacular outdoor living space to appreciate everything our Florida lifestyle has to offer, along with a seamless integration with your indoor space to make the most out of your square footage.

Take your pick out of the model homes located in any of our award-winning communities and you will find a suitable outdoor living space in each and every one.  That being said, the Claremont in Old Naples has an outdoor living space that will exceed your expectations with access from many points throughout the home.

That’s it for the top home trends you’ll find in many new luxury homes of 2016Download our brochure or schedule your tour to see what London Bay Homes can build for you.  With more than 25 years of experience as a luxury home builder, we can design and construct a home that will match your luxury living lifestyle using the hottest and time-tested trends.

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