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3 Outdoor Design Trends for Your Luxury Home

by Arelys Alexander

Your outdoor space can be more than an ordinary extension of your home. You can transform it into a sophisticated haven filled with tranquility and opulence. After all, here's where you'll spend your free time as you wind up a long day or week of work. A true luxurious outdoor space combines the right design, features, furniture, lighting, décor, and other aspects. Delve into the world of extravagance as we unveil three luxury outdoor design trends that can make your outdoor space a masterpiece. 

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Bring Your Indoor SETUP Outdoors 

Transforming your outdoor space into an extension of your indoor living area is an excellent way to maximize both comfort and functionality. Begin by considering which indoor activities you'd like to experience al fresco, whether it's dining, lounging, or even working. Invest in weather-resistant furniture that echoes the style and comfort of your indoor pieces. Outdoor rugs and cushions can instantly make a patio or deck feel as cozy as your living room.

Incorporate elements like ambient lighting through string lights or lanterns, and ensure some protection from the elements with umbrellas, pergolas, or canopies. Plants play a pivotal role in blurring the boundary between inside and out; pot large plants in decorative containers and dot them around your outdoor space. Finally, consider the logistics, like extension cords for electronics or a sturdy outdoor cart for moving items in and out. Embracing the outdoors as an additional living space not only offers a refreshing change of scenery but also broadens the scope of your home's usability and enjoyment. 

Add Outdoor Lighting and Privacy Features 

Outdoor lighting and privacy features are integral to creating a comfortable and functional outdoor living space. Proper lighting can transform your garden or patio into a nighttime sanctuary, making it usable after the sun sets. Solar lights, string lights, lanterns, and LED candles can provide ambient lighting that adds both beauty and safety to paths, dining areas, and relaxation spots. Think layered lighting: task lighting for cooking or reading, accent lighting to highlight features like plants or water fountains, and general illumination to light up larger areas.

On the other hand, privacy features are essential for creating a personal oasis. Traditional fencing, lattice screens, and natural barriers like tall plants or hedges can define boundaries. For a more flexible solution, consider outdoor curtains or retractable screens that can be pulled back when you want to open up the space or drawn shut for seclusion. Pergolas or gazebos with climbing plants, like ivy or wisteria, can also provide shade and an organic privacy screen.

Add a Fire Pit 

Nothing adds ambiance and heats your backyard better than a fire pit. The fun and nostalgia of gathering around under Florida's night sky will certainly have you spend your evening and late hours outdoors. Picture yourself gathering around its flame while roasting marshmallows on summer nights or hanging out while drinking hot apple cider in the fall. For its design, it can be a great focal point for your entire backyard, making it more comprehensive and more considered. 

Ensure that it's placed on a surface that makes it stand out from other outdoor facilities. It should also have a shape that works well with your outdoor furniture. For instance, a long narrow silhouette fire pit would complement your sofas, especially when placed at the center. Finally, a gas-fueled design fire pit would be perfect for your outdoor space, especially when you pile it with stylish lava rocks. 

Adopt the Best Outdoor Design Trends with London Bay Homes 

Living in Southwest Florida presents a chance to enjoy excellent weather all year round. Therefore, adopting outdoor design trends for Florida Homes can redefine your space's opulence and elegance. There's no better way to achieve this than partnering with luxury custom home builders in Southwest Florida, like London Bay Homes. We are proud to have designed some of the finest luxury homes in Florida, thanks to our unparalleled focus on quality and excellent service. We can also help you elevate your space to the most discerning outdoor space. Contact us to learn how we can help you. 

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