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How to Right Fit Your Relocation to Southwest Florida

by Arelys Alexander

As the number two spot on the list of Top States in America in Numeric Growth (2016-2017), Florida has been on the minds of many people choosing to live their lives in sunshine and clear skies rather than clouds and snow.   You may have imagined the picturesque beaches, sun-kissed coasts that stretch for miles, and the purportedly active outdoor ‘island’ lifestyle, and have considered joining the thousands of people that have made their way to the Sunshine State.

But should you make Southwest Florida your new home?  Let’s delve into some of the things you need to know before relocating to Southwest Florida.

Does it Impact Your Cost of Living

The most important factor you have to take into account is the cost of living. Buying a house of your choice in Florida isn’t an overbearing and difficult challenge because there are several options with different price ranges that are suitable for all people. If you’re looking for high-end offerings or just a bare bones solution for all your accommodation needs, you won’t be running out of choices. 

What you have to consider, however, is the cost of living in the house. It always pays to survey the area, walk through local markets, and navigate around restaurants for more insight. Do take into account factors such as your salary, number of children, and family size before making a decision.

Things to do in Southwest Florida

Enjoy a life of leisure in Southwest Florida.

The island lifestyle, as many people call it, give you access to several benefits that you otherwise wouldn’t have had in any other state. You will love living here full time on account of all the fun-filled activities that could foster social connections. Many events regularly take place in clubhouses where you can get to know people. The gym is almost always at a walking distance, making it easy for you make health-conscious decisions. 

There are great outdoor activities ranging from boats, golf, tennis, kayaking, bird watching, and of course, the mesmerizing sunset. Southwest Florida is known for great outdoor dining experiences where you can enjoy a range of food choices , from casual dining to fine dining in award-winning restaurants.

The Weather is Wonderful…Except For One Thing

Many people describe living in Southwest Florida as a great experience on account of the great weather that never fails to please. The summers are warm and the winters are pleasantly chilly. There are plenty of breezes and rain to keep things exciting. That being said, you do get the occasional hurricane, which means you need to learn how to stay prepared.  You should always gear up for these natural disasters by opting for flood and wind damage insurance for your home, as well as learning how to prepare for a hurricane.

There is a Diverse Culture Which is Good for Business

Southwest Florida is described as the melting pot, as people from all walks of life and cultures come together to enjoy the pristine weather and relaxing lifestyle. Home owners would be excited to know that there are restaurants of all types scattered around the place, including Cuban, Asian, Caribbean, Southern, and Indian. These restaurants are accessible from most neighborhoods.

Apart from the vibrant hospitality industry, Southwest Florida is also known for its rich history of arts and culture. Notable organizations include the Art League of Fort Myers, Arts and Humanities Council of Charlotte County, and Dolly Hand Cultural Arts Center. 

Garden Vegetables and Fruits Can be Sourced Locally

Southwest Florida has warm, humid summers with plenty of rain in between. So, it is not surprising that there are several seasonal fruits and vegetables that are locally grown. There are lots of delicious tropical fruits that homeowners can enjoy by visiting local farmer markets and grocery stores. Here’s a small list: Avocados, Bananas, Basil, Broccoli, Blueberries, Cauliflower, Cilantro, Dragon Fruits, Jackfruit, Fava beans, Guava, Lemongrass, Lychee, Oregano, Passion Fruit, and Zucchini.

As can be imagined, home owners with a penchant for gardening and fresh produce won’t be disappointed with their finds.

Incredibly Varied Landscape 

Enjoy picturesque weather on a beautiful beach in Naples Florida.

Southwest Florida is known for its wildlife. There are blue herons, manatees, raccoons, white tailed deer, gopher tortoises, and armadillos. Many of these animals are only a few minutes from the beach. This makes for a varied experience when you go from sandy coastlines to forests. 

Plenty of Tourism for Your Own Business

Southwest Florida is always buzzing with a lot of tourists who want the full unadulterated experience of the beaches. This presents a great opportunity for homeowners to open their own startups to cater to the massive tourism industry that is estimated to be around $80 billion. Once tourists leave the place during off-season, local residents get the place all to themselves. 

Gorgeous Luxury Homes Built With Quality in Mind

The Camberdale in Downtown Sarasota is one of the many available luxury homes in Sarasota FL.

London Bay Homes has been building the finest luxury custom homes in Southwest Florida for nearly 30 years.  Clients can choose the type of home in which they want to live from our many pre-designed Custom Homes and Custom Villas.  These floor plans are fully-customizable to meet your needs with many client customization options.  For a true custom homebuilding experience, clients can also work with London Bay Homes’ professional architectural and design team to create a One-of-a-Kind custom home designed with only you in mind.  What's more, London Bay Homes' fortified homes London Bay Homes ensures you stay safe by providing reassurance that our fortified homes grant quality structural design and durability against major storms. 

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